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Antakalnio 75, Vilnius

Tel. 86 70 28 780

Parking is free and convenient (near Lithuania Post, MAXIMA, IKI)

Most Popular:
Manicure with long-lasting varnish 15€
Pedicure with long-lasting varnish 22€
Women's / Men's Manicure Classic 9€
Working hours:
From I to VI 10am - 8pm
VII - reserve time

Beauty salon

Let's create beauty together, apply the most innovative technologies to each client's smile

Do not be afraid
to be Exclusive

We make every customer unique with our exceptionally charming nail designs

We work with
Victoria Boro

Long-lasting gel polishes that make each of our customers happy

Why customers
Choose Us

Ekspresas - (express, expressus - enhanced, highlighted, faster, usually, more comfortable.

We are oriented to make every client of us come out with a smile.

Hands are the first noticable thing in conversation. Wherever you are - business meeting with partners, festive dinner, theater, date with a loved one - your hands will always be in the center of attention. It is a fact that well-groomed hands require a lot of attention and professional work. That's what we are here for!

Who's more adorned with a woman if her hands aren't groomed? Pamper your hands with paraffin baths!

Beauty will always be improved by beautifully arranged toenails! Here our specialists will help.

The shape and color of the eyebrows highlight other facial features, making the look deeper and more expressive.

An inevitable element of the beauty routine of most women and some men

Our team

Every one of our specialists is qualified, we value the highest quality, our goal is to make every client happy.

What about us, do you think?

Our price list

We offer the best prices based on the price-quality ratio and we try to make every customer happy.

Manicure male/female. without varnishing

12 €

Manicure With Varnish (Plain Lacquer)

14 €

Manicure with long-lasting varnish

17 €

Manicure French (Varnish Lacquer)

17 €

French Manicure (Long Term)

20 €

Giving nail shape to the file

5.50 €

Simple varnishing

6 €

Varnish for long-lasting varnish

9 €

Removing long-lasting varnish

4 €

Nail Art

1.50 €

French pedicure

17 €

Pedicure without varnishing

22 €

Pedicure without varnishing

3 €

Pedicure for male

20 €

Pedicure with lacquer with ordinary varnish

18 €

Pedicure with long-lasting varnish

22 €

French Pedicure Lacquer Simple

18 €

French Pedicure (Lacquer)

25 €

Foot massage. 10m.

9 €

Eyebrow correction

3 €

Eyebrow coloring

3 €

Photo gallery

"Photography is the art of silence, but we are trying to sound it."

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